Volume 1 Issue 1

S.No. Paper Title Author’s Name
1. A Review Paper on OFDM

Kanchan Singh

Sameena Zafar

Ritesh Kushwaha

2. Identification of Cracks in Aluminium Cantilever Beam Through FEM (ANSYS)

Nitin Hunka

Dr. S.S. Kushwaha

3. Image Compression Techniques Review Paper

Aditya Sharma

Shraddha Singhal

4. Dynamic Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate With Hole For CFCF Condition (Clamped Free Clamped Free)

Rahul Sen

Dr. S.S. Kushwaha

Dr. Ahmad Ali Khan

5. Space Time Trellis Code & Diversity-A Review Paper

Ankita Gupta

Sonulal Sinha

6. Reduction of OFDM PAPR using SLM &
PTS Techniques

Sonu Lal Sinha

Dr. Poonam Sinha