Volume 6 Issue 5

S.No. Paper Title Author’s Name
1.  Power Quality Issues Mitigated by Using a Hybrid D-STATCOM with T-Connected Transformer

Deepika Masand

Mohd. Naved Ansari

2. Design & Development of Innovative Digital Signal Processor Controlled Hybrid Harmonic Filter for Power Quality Improvement

Akhilesh Kumar

Rajendra Kumar

3. Analysis of Harmonics for a cascaded multi-level inverter fed induction motor drives

Sachin Kumar Verma

Narayan Prasad Gupta

4. Adaptive and Interactive Fit in Energy Efficient Design

Shweta Saxena

Sandeep Arora

Apurv Shrivastava

5. Development of Novel Vehicle Design Modelling Functions for Quantifying Vehicles’ Shapes

Isuru Sendanayake

Taimoor Asim

Rakesh Mishra 

6. Industrial Robot Automation Manufacture System Using FTA and Optimization of Path Selection Based On Ant Colony Optimization Nagesh Kumar Dwivedi