Q1. How do I submit the paper?
Ans: The researcher needs to send his/her paper through email to editor@ijrstm.net or editorijrstm@gmail.com. Instantly, you’ll get the acknowledge and within 24 hours you’ll get the paper_id.

Q2. By how much time I’ll come to know about the review completion?
Ans: A minimum of 3-4 days is required to complete the review process as paper is thoroughly reviewed by respective expertise in a particular area.

Q3. What are paper publication charges?
For Online Publication + E-certificates: Rs. 2000 / USD 80 / 70 Euro
For Hardcopy of the Journal: Rs 600 / USD 50 / 50 Euro
For Hardcopy of the certificate (for all the authors): Rs 400 / USD 20 / 20 Euro

Q4. How do I pay fees?
Ans: There are following different ways to deposit fees:
1. For Payment: Click Here
For more clarification feel free to mail us at editorijrstm@gmail.com

Q5. How to correct an experimental data in my published paper?
Ans: Contact the editorial team at editorijrstm@gmail.com. Mention the changes and provide the revised manuscript. The revised manuscript shall be published in accordance to editor suggestion.

Q6. I haven’t received any IJRSTM notification even after 30 days of submission!
Ans: Kindly check your spam folder, because of the settings done by you, mail is not allowing to deliver in your inbox. If this is not the case, we request you to forward the issue to editorijrstm@gmail.com. You shall be informed on the status within 24 hours.

Q7. My paper exceeds 6 pages!
Ans: IJRSTM policies allow the publication of a paper consisting of maximum of 6 numbers of pages. However, relaxation can be given depending upon the merit of the research by the IJRSTM editorial panels.

Q8. Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the manuscript?
Ans: Yes, Copyright has to submit along with the manuscript to IJRSTM.